The Package Performance Audit.

Ensure your product pack is at the top of its game with the Package Performance Audit.

Don't let your pack be last on the list of metrics for your brand's performance. Get a critical review of your brand's package performance with the CPG Package Performance Audit.

We evaluate your pack in several areas. We identify how well your pack utilizes its objective and subjective capabilities in relation to your brand, product, and experience. We also evaluate your pack functionally and emotionally within the customer experience timeline to ensure your packaging is capturing the optimal level of performance on shelf.

We walk through every part of the life cycle of your product's packaging. By doing so, we ensure you've considered the optimal, cohesive integration of your brand's product with the experience itself through every experience the customer can have. 

At the conclusion of your audit, you'll receive a practical understanding of the areas to address, in order of urgency, importance, effectiveness and functionality.

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The Pack Performance Audit Contains:

✔  Over 30+ Pages

Over 30+ pages of step-by-step analysis of your package within the customer experience timeline from the first moments of the customer's interaction to disposal / repurchase.

✔ A Customer Experience Timeline Review

  • Exhaustive evaluation of your product life cycle from customer introduction to final consumption, breaking down the objective, subjective, and functional aspects.

✔ A Qualitative and Quantitative Review

  • Functional evaluation and recommendations of your pack substrate and how it correlates with your brand's pack functionalities.

✔  Your Distinctive Brand Assets Audit

  • A mini-brand audit highlighting key components integral to your Distinctive Brand Assets (stuff you should always keep, and use repeatedly to foster mental availability).

✔ A Pack +Category Audit

  • A comparative evaluation of best packaging design practices with your product category as well as overall pack types.

✔ Your Pack's Overall Performance Scorecard

  • A final grade sheet identifying how your pack functions with your customer, competition, and your industry.

If you're interested in ensuring that your packaging is functioning at its highest level of mental and physical availability within the customer experience, let's talk.

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