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Demystify your marketing.
Learn to do what works scientifically.

Take back your brand from the books, the gurus, and fads. Get the confidence and results that comes from using methods backed by science.

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The Brand Strategy Foundations Workshop

The Brand Strategy Foundations Workshop is designed to teach you how to build a brand that grows and sells, using what works, throwing out what doesn't. Invite the science of how branding actually worksinto your business, so you can get to success, faster.

From simple checklists to easy-to-understand assessments, the Brand Strategy Foundations Workshop will help you use Quantum Branding's evidence-based brand science strategies demystify and untangle the mess normally dominates marketing.

We do that by teaching you how to build a Brandometry Operating System™.

Debunk the Marketing Myths

Find out what Marketing Myths you're using that won't get you anywhere.

Discover Brand Metrics
Identify your Distinctive Brand Assets
Create An Actionable Plan

Identify the Brand and Business Metrics you need to move forward and take action.

Brand Audit

What are Brand Metrics?

Brand metrics are factors you use to gauge your marketing on. The Brandometry OS is a three-part system that informs all your marketing and sales experiences according to your Brand Authority. It's built on the principles of Brand Science that gauge effective growth—helping you to evaluate which components of your brand you need to adjust before making changes.

  • Mental Availability • Physical Availability
    Factors of Scale


How Will This Workshop Help You?


  • I'm an Entrepreneur

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    How can this workshop help an entrepreneur like me?

    Your goal is to grow the brand. But you're wearing so many hats. When it's your job to develop the product and oversee marketing, It's too easy rely on click funnels, social media, PPC, Google Ads, and digital methods to automate sales and drive profits, think they do all the work. 

    Once you're created your MVP and you've gotten to market, unless your tactics are based on the correct metrics, you can't keep the momentum.

    The Brand Strategy Foundations Workshops teaches you what you need to pay attention to. We'll discuss what aspects of your brand you need to measure, which ones you need to scale, and which ones you should address next.

  • I'm a Marketer

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    How can this workshop help a marketer like me?

    Your goal is to grow the brand. You and your team are in charge of increasing the mental availability of your brand.

    But it's easy to get lost in the execution. Social media, digital, impressions, campaigns—they're important, but if you aren't using brand science metrics, you'll be tirelessly spinning forever. 

    The Brand Strategy Foundations Workshops teaches you what you and your team the right way to lead your marketing.  We'll discuss what aspects of your brand you need to measure, how marketing really works, and how to confidently build your brand.

  • I'm an Agency Owner

    How can this workshop help an agency owner like me?

    Your agency builds brands for a living, so understanding how they grow and sell is imperative.

    But most agencies don't get into the branding industry first, your strength is typically web, social, or SEO. Keeping your branding prowess sharp is a game-changer.

    The Brand Strategy Foundations Workshops teaches agencies how brands really grow and sell, so you can increase you and your clients profits, while confidently selling your services to your team.

  • I'm a Freelancer

    How can this workshop help a freelancer like me?

    Whether your an subject matter expert or simply trying to get the leg up, you don't have time to waste staying top-of-mind for your business.

    When it comes to your business, helping your business and your client's with evidence-baed metrics of how branding really works is just the edge you need to get ahead. 

    The Brand Strategy Foundations Workshops teaches you exactly how branding works, so you can use it to your advantage as your business grows.

Stop letting marketing confuse you.
Invite proven science into the conversation.

Take charge of your brand's future, make your path to success easier, and get there faster.

Invite Brand Science into your plan and join a seat at this workshop.

Brand Strategy
Foundations Workshop


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  • 30-Day Replay of Sessions
  • Includes Four, One-Hour
            Easy-to-Follow Sessions
  • Based on the same Brand 
            Science used by Fortune 500s
  • Easy-to-Understand Content
  • Actionable Items Each Day

Incredible Pricing, Limited Seats.

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