Got questions. That's good. 

Questions mean you're thinking, doing research, and weighing your options. Not all options are the same, nor are other agency's branding processes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When were you founded?

Our flagship agency opened its doors in 2009, but many of us come from a variety of backgrounds, agency experiences, and corporate brands. Quantum started in 2004.

Who've you worked with?

We're passionate about petcare, cpg, and retail brands. We've worked with over 150 name brands, 30+ industry sectors, and honestly too many to count. While our experiences are diverse, the process for brand excellence is the same.

Dude, where's your employees / staff?

No, they're not hiding or nor not allowed to have profiles on here. The truth is, our agency is a lean agency, working with people first. Many of those people are full-time, 10-99 contractors, who, by sharing their names draws more attention to them than they'd prefer, or even away from their current responsibilities. 

We have web development, researchers, strategists, and designers who are always on board, just not always on every project. This way, you're only introduced to the people that correlate to your project.

Why do you love orange so much?

Scientifically, orange is the best color in the world* Oh, and the guy who started our agency loves it. He used to eat so much orange food as a baby, he turned orange. His car, his KitchenAid mixer, two of his kitties, and quite a lot of things in his home are orange.—but he nice tone of orange though, the harvest orange. (*This fact has may or may not have been made up)

Where's your office?

Great question. We don't have one. Since we invest in our people first and technology second, we're a virtual, results-oriented work environment. This allows us to remove the red tape and additional costs out of your projects, ensuring you get our best work.

What does working with you look like?

We walk with all of our clients through a Brand Discovery Process. From here, we're able to truly understand what type of problems you're looking to solve, prioritize the opportunities, and ensure you've got a blueprint for your future.

From here, clients can:engage us in a monthly retainer consultancy to help them accomplish these goals with the team of their choice, or for us to engage our services as well. We're happy to be involved either way.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes and No. While there is currently a waiting list to work with us, you should call us right away. All our clients start with a strategy call to get in our queue. We'll contact you within one business day of contacting us.

Can I skip the line?

Those clients wishing to engage us as soon as possible can prioritize their project and be first in line by putting down a deposit, placing them ahead of the waitlist. Email us if this is you. 

Find what you were looking for? 

Not every question can be anticipated. But every conversation can. Let's talk.