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Got Questions?

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions we get.
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General Questions

What do you do?

We’re a brand agency. This means we approach everything from a research-focused, and strategy-driven perspective using brand strategy. That means the design is focused on creating results for your brand using a specific approach. 

We provide brand identity, strategy, and design services. We help create/refine your brand strategy, create your brand, and help create all the touchpoints necessary to make it happen, such as packaging, websites, and the like.

I've got an RFP, who can I send it to?

Unfortunately, we do not accept RFPs or RFQs. We do not quote projects without going through a Discovery Process. This ensures we understand your project, build accurate estimates, and are creating solutions based on a defined scope, not educated guess. To talk about your project click here.

Hey, I need a quick (logo, brand, website)? Can you do that for me?

If you need something for your business yesterday, we're not a good fit. We work with businesses who plan, want to be set up for success, and are investing in their business and brand equity to create a strategic system of messaging.

Where is your agency located?

We're a remote-based agency with a focus on people, not resources. We have an office available for local client workshops, but typically do all our client meetings via Zoom. This enables us to have a lean business focused on results, not accumulating stuff. 

How do I contact you?

The first step is always a phone call. Since we want to get to know you and your project, we like to devote a scheduled time to focus on you and your problems. To start, click here.

Working With Us

What kinds of industries and businesses does Quantum Branding work with?

We've worked with over 35 different industry sectors with companies from $30K to $30B. However, they tend to fall in a few specific categories of businesses: PetcareConsumer Packaged Goods, Consumer brands, Business-to-business,  Start-ups, and Non-profits.

How do I know if I'm a good fit?

First, you know where you are in your brand stages, you're not a lone wolf, and understanding the power of partnership and lastly, you're both serious and ready to invest in the brand equity and future of your business.

How is your pricing structured?

We typically provide a discounted full-pay or a two or three-part payment plan option for our projects, to help clients decide which is right for them.

How much does a (brand, website, naming) cost?

We are experts with years of training in brand strategy, brand identity design, design and trademark research, and experience in the commercial marketplace. The pricing of our services reflects our education, experience, individual expertise, and capabilities.

We walk through a Discovery Process to ensure we understand the scope of your project(s) and help you create a Brandplan–a blueprint on the steps you need to take. From there, we discuss what steps and options you want to address, and provide estimates based on real insights, not guestimates.

How long does a branding project typically take?

There's no standard timeline for any one project.

To get a better understanding of how long your project will take, we'll need to discuss your project, understand all the components, their complexity, size, and scale, as well as the overall scope. We do this by going through a Discovery Process with all our clients. 

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