Build iron-clad brands.
Deliver rock-solid strategy.
Grow your agency.

Grow your agency and provide exceptional services to your clients. We'll give you an unfair advantage with our Fortune 500 branding for agencies.


Our partner program is designed to take your agency to the next level by delivering your clients Fortune 500 branding, strategy, and design services.

Do you ever experience any of these issues?

You're tired of putting ugly, sloppy branding on your beautiful websites.

You're tired of sorting through unreliable designers.

You can't provide your clients with reliable, consistent brand design or don't have the resources in-house.

You don't know when or how to sell branding services to your clients.

Feel like you're leaving money on the table not offering branding to your clients?

There's no brand standards for your website, and it's all in the owner's head.

Wait a minute.

How much longer will you let those issues go on? These problems have to stop. You're constantly dealing with these issues but have nothing to solve them.

Imagine if you had way more time, less stress, and offered your clients stunning, commercial level design while making a huge profit on it.

Our branding services can make all this possible.


Imagine if you could solve those problems
and make money doing it?

Now you can–by offering Fortune 500 branding services to your client
through our Agency Partner Program.

Yes, I Want to Solve These Problems

Why Offer Branding and Strategy Services?

If you're not, you're missing an opportunity to solidify your authority in your niche, create and capitalize on client growth, and create a better future for both you and your clients.

By NOT offering these, both you and your client are losing money.


We've worked with over 150 major brands,
over 500 SKUs, 10 major retailers, and companies
from $30k to $30B. (no, really).

High-growth startups, mergers/acquisitions, retailers,
independent stores, blue-chip and Fortune 500 companies
have used us to energize their brands with brand science.

And now those design and branding services can be
yours too with our agency partner program.



Imagine these in your pocket:

New clients can now be more successful and profitable.
Past and current clients now have strategy services
to help you chart a course.

A whole new world of opportunity has just opened up to you.


Provide strategy services that return five times on the dollar.* Help them plan their future and build your business with research-based insights, not gut intuition.

*Harvard Business Review


  • Brand Positioning • Naming •Brand Architecture • Tagline • Quarterly Strategy Sessions • Brand Narrative Workshops


Operate in the marketplace at the same level as Fortune 500 companies from an award winning agency with branding services that address client problems, market needs, and deliver results.


  • Brand Identity Systems • Brand Revitalization • Brand Overhaul • Brand Standards • Art Direction

On-Demand Support

You won't be in it alone. Ever. Identify the right customer problems, pitch the best strategies, and build long-term success for both you and the client with unlimited on-demand support.


  • Discovery Call Support • In-meeting Support • Client Planning

For more insight on what we can do, check out our full services page.

Who's a good fit?

Our Digital Agency Partner program isn’t for everyone. You may be a good fit if you:

  • • Run a design, digital marketing, and web-dev agencies.
    • Want to make a profit on branding and design without lifting a finger
    • Are passionate about creating great experiences for your clients
    • You care about your client's success
    • Understand the power of working together with agency partners
    • Want to increase customer ROI and grow your agency

Five reasons you should join.

  • Access Exclusive Pricing

    Access Exclusive Pricing

    We've crafted exclusive agency partner pricing based on in-depth feedback––a 25% discount on branding and strategy services, access to payment plans, access to Add-on services, Strategy Retainer services, and sales level upgrades.


  • Increase Client ROI

    Improve Client ROI

    While adding brand strategy and identity services are a great way to increase your client retainer or project proposal, but there's more to it.

    Solid brand strategy means solid projects with better results your client will see first hand. They'll experience your commitment beyond just the project and come to you time after time, with the growth everyone can see.


  • Solidify your Authority

    Solidify Your Authority

    Position yourself as a leading authority in your niche services with Fortune 500 branding and bluechip experience and strategy others simply can't offer.

    You'll be bolstering your services with a solid foundation that delivers.


  • Grow Your Agency

    Grow Your Agency

    You’ll have access to a member resource center, with sales and enablement materials, as well as coaching and strategy to both educate current clients and attract new business moving forward.

    In addition, you'll join other agencies in an elite community who are proving the ROI of brand strategy and design. 


  • Improve Client Retention

    Improve Client Retention

    Offering brand strategy and identity services enables your agency to clearly articulate the value you bring to your client.

    This enables you to offer repeatable services that keep clients engaged in recurring retainer and consultancy services with big pictures strategy


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

We welcome any agency who is willing to become part of our Agency Partner Program. We partner with digital agencies of all sizes and kinds, from start-ups to enterprise organizations.

How do I join?

The first step is to initiate a conversation here. Simply fill book a time to connect and a senior brand strategist will reach out and schedule a time to connect.

What if I'm not sure?

There is no obligation to join and be and Agency Partner. You can simply work with us one project at time. However, Agency Partners enjoy up to 50% of our branding and strategy services, get unlimited sales support, and access to all of our resources.

Is there a fee?

Yes, there is an annual agency partnership fee to ensure our partners are investing in their capabilities and are serious about moving forward and growing their agency. Agency partners often markup packages 2x and 3x for maximum returns.

What's the catch?

There's no catch. Our goal is to grow together. So, your growth = our growth. We're deeply invested in our agency partners and believe people are the most important.

What if I don't know branding very well?

You don't need to understand the process or how to create brand strategy, but you should certainly understand the value of branding, how it can help your clients, and be willing to learn. 

What's expected of me as an agency partner?

We are looking for agencies who want to grow their business and help their clients become and accomplish more via solid brand strategy, identity, and design. If you're committed to growing with Quantum Branding, then we're excited to help you do just that.

How do you work with agencies?

We provide our services as an agency partner, so you have a team partner who seamlessly will join your team, is available for meetings, and can even help you sell your branding projects to clients.

Agency Partner Process

Wondering how to make it happen? It's simple.


Schedule a call with us, and in 20 minutes, we'll be able to discuss your agency and if we're a good fit. We'll share with you our pricing model and how to we can help.


If there's a clear understanding and opportunity that there's a lot to offer one another, we'll invite you to join as an Agency Partner.


We know how to swim. If you've got a current project for us to hop into, we'd be happy to. If not, our  Jumpstart Session will help you look at your current clients and evaluate opportunities for win-wins.

Not ready to become a partner?
We can still help.

If you’ve already sold or about to sell a project you’re ready
to take to the next level, why not try us out and see how it goes?
Then, b
ecome an Agency Partner after you've seen what we can do.