We create memorable, authentic pet care brands that sell through the power of brand science.

Our thinking is based on the quantum theory. Simply stated, you're defined by your brand's energy—and true change doesn't occur unless it's from within.


What We Do, Expertly.

Within the vast consumer packaged goods landscape,
our branding services span across the full life cycle of a brand.



    A successful brand requires exceptional business acumen and design thinking. This research is what helps determine the energy, movement, direction, and function of every component before it exists. Our goal is to identify the internal and external factors, as well as the intrinsic components that create the Brand Mass—the internal and external forces of a brand—that propels it, so we can position it for the future.


    • Brand Audit • Market Research • Insight Development




    The nucleus of every energized brand is strategy. Strategy isthe core that holds your brand together, connecting the Big Idea—why you exist beyond making a profit—with those who matter most to you. The essence of how your brand functions starts here in a deep dive of who you are, what you do, why it matters, before one thing ever gets designed.


    • Brand Positioning • Naming •  Brand Architecture • Tagline
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    Brands Identities help consumers choose from a bewildering array of choices by communicating intrinsic qualities of the branding, reassuring that they have made the right choice. We create brand identities with Distinct Brand Assets (DBA)—distinct imagery, language, and associations—to encourage customers to identify with the brand, create prevalence and foster distinctiveness.


    • Brandmark • Brand Identity • Product Lines • Visual Systems • Iconography• Photography •  Color Palettes • Typography


    Brand touchpoints are the strategic cultivation of strategy and the application of brand identity across all of the possible mediums that encompass all the user experiences possible inside and outside of an organization. These experiences work together in harmony to engage, reinforce, and propel the brand 24-7.


    • Packaging • Web • Mobile • Print • Retail • Packaging • Environment + Retail •Wayfinding + Signage • Vehicle / Fleet • Ephemera


    The process continues with managing brand identity assets after any launch. It requires enlightened leadership and a long-term commitment to doing everything possible to build the brand. Implementation, management and direction of a brand is an everyday responsibility within every level of an organization, from the top down.


    • Brand Rollout • Brand Guidelines • Organization Ideation • Brand Management Metrics • Brand Leadership Intensive • Brand Trainings • Consultancy

What is Brandometry™?

Glad you asked.

Brandometry™ is our proprietary, fluid and dynamic set of laws and principles that we use to guide us in our work with brands, ensuring that brand success online, on the shelf, and in the home is using proven, science-based data to inform your strategy. It's how we create energized brands.

Here's a 30,000 foot view.

Sequence of Cognition

How our minds process shape, color, content is one of the core principles. It's how information enters our brain, through our eyes, before it's even decoded. It's how we ensure your brand connects immediately.

Gestalt Principles

These key components on how we see things together in relation to their space are how we associate, interpret, and communicate meaning. It's how we ensure you re creating the right meaning.


How is we organize, separate, combine, and compartmentalize our those learnings in our minds. It's how we ensure you're deeply embedded into the consumer's mental availability and association.


A consistent model of customer relationship and identification which the objective and subjective facets of your brand are grounded, informing your visual and verbal tone. It's how we ensure you relate and speak authentically.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

A combination of primary, secondary, formative, and summative research, including competitor analysis, ethnographic and marketing research, user testing, and visualization. It's how we ensure your brand is functioning optimally in the right environment.


Our study of brands includes the study of experiences. We use phenomenology as a reference to understand brand experiences in relation to perception, imagination, thought, emotion, desire, volition, and action, to name a few. It's how we ensure experiences are powerful.

Trademark Metrics

This foundational element references the vast historicity of registered trademark data files with the USPTO. We use this trademark data to inform and ensure every brand starts an accurate landscape of their industry. Its how we ensure you hit a home run, never a foul ball. 

How Brands Grow

Evidence-based economic and proven scientific laws about buying and marketing performance backed by decades of research. It's how we ensure you have a plan to grow that works.

Industry Leading, Personally Involved.

At the helm is one of branding's top thinkers, Stæven Frey.
Our client brands achieve their success through his principles of brandonomy™—the study of brands—and the practice and application of them—brandometry™.

With over 10 years of experience, 30+ industry categories, and 150+ brands and counting, Stæven is passionately invested in the problems of today's top and growing brands, the branding industry, and branding agencies.

In addition he's a pet owner, rescuer, foster parent and advocate. He has two ginger tabbies, a snowshoe, a domestic shorthair, and a white Siberian husky.

Over 10 years, trusted by over 150+ brands and counting.

  • “Quantum has far exceeded my expectation in the development of our new brand identity. They have brought a differentiation to our brand in a very saturated category.”
    Ken Hinman
    Global Marketing Officer, Talalay Global
  • “Quantum was exceptional to work with—listened intently, and was exceptionally involved with understanding my business, industry, and process. The end result [brand identity] has been awesome and has received great reviews by my colleagues, peers, and the business community.”
    Kathy Blanton
    Owner, Regency Group
  • Stæven is a creative and strategic beast who delivers well-crafted ideas, logos and design, and is one of the few I know who deeply immerse themselves into strategic positioning, insight, media, culture and every other piece of a client's brand.

    Pat Harris
    Creative Director LHWH Advertising & PR
  • Staeven is a creative genius, a professional branding expert, and a man with solid business acumen and stellar integrity.

    Heather Moody
    President, The TVX Group/TVX Records
  • Quantum Branding always captures the essence of a project, injects their unique creativity, and exceeds expectations with results. They understand many different service sectors and I highly recommend them for your next project.

    Mark Kordic
    Director of Client Experiences, Advancing Your Ministry Vision

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