Propel your brand's trajectory with the power of BrandScience™.


Discover your brand’s game-changing secret weapon in the quest to share your remarkable brand with the world

Driven by science. BrandScience™.

Brandpreneur™ a revolutionary 10-week intensive workshop and retreat where you’ll learn the evidence-based strategies and tools used by Fortune 500 companies to create world-leading brands… And you’ll apply them to your own brand.

Brandpreneur™ is the only program built on the foundations of BrandScience™.

BrandScience is the evidence-based metrics and mnemonics used within effective marketing to increase your brand’s awareness, top-of-mindness, and success.

Instead of rooting success in baseless theories, BrandScience uses 13+ areas of evidence-based quantitative and qualitative studies to help increase your brand’s mental availability.

Across 10 weeks, you’ll learn the evidence-based metrics and tools used by Fortune 500 brands from one of the industry’s leading experts, Stæven Frey, MFA, Founder and Senior Brand Scientist at Quantum Branding.

Brandpreneur is unlike any other program, course, or marketing or agency initiative out there.

Brandpreneur is unlike any other program, course, or marketing or agency initiative out there.

In fact, there are none comparable to it.


The traditional agency process is broken.

Most agencies start off by asking basic questions about you, your business, your brand, and your industry—attempting to create a quote for your project based on their experience, their understanding, and their ideal budget of what you should be spending with them.

The process is boring, uninviting, archaic, and walk away with their vision of “right now,” instead of your truest vision of YOUR future. You end up with a project scope that isn't what you truly need, just what they—or maybe even you—think you need.

Time and time again, agencies create new versions of the same presentation and pitch you—“the emperor’s newest clothes”—a solution pitched to you that’s based on their idea of what you should spend with them, based on the latest marketing trend, their “experience,” or the latest industry training they received, polished up, again and again.

It’s the same creativity, solution, experience, and canned product they offer to every client over and over again.

Even with the noblest intentions, It’s a template and process based on making your needs fit their deliverable, and your budget based on their profit.

It’s 100% NOT based on science.

Instead, Brandprenuer is taking your business, your brand, and your vision, and filtering it through BrandScience—showing you the models, tools, biases, and KPI’s a truly effective, Fortune 500-level brands operate on.

We walk you through the evidence-based foundations of what you need to know so you can build the brand of your dreams—based on a solid foundation.

Once you understand the foundations of BrandScience, we work together and craft a plan that ensures you have a vivid vision of your future for you and your team—and any agency partners, vendors, or consultants you work with can immediately understand the path at-hand.

The BrandPlan™ you create is yours, and becomes the guiding document for the future. It ensures an ROI on your marketing, strategy, and efforts—protecting you from wasting your money on agencies, marketing efforts, and marketing pundits in the future with biased opinions, unproven assumptions, and instead lets you focus on how hard, how fast, and how intense you want to move forward—which is how it should be.

Brandpreneur cohorts find it to be the most thorough, applicable, and transformational marketing and business knowledge they’ve ever learned from, hitting the ground running Day 1 on their path to success.

Quantum Branding Agency Brand Audit

During the experience, you’ll have the opportunity to learn directly from Stæven and with our extraordinary senior-level team of mentors who all will be working together—for you.

Over the course of 10 weeks, we dive into

  • • you, your brand, and your brand's purpose,
  • • how to effectively deploy your brand’s mission,
  • • an empirical view of customer avatars and sales,
    • the scientific way marketing really works,
  • • how branding is the magical core that powers your sales and marketing efforts,
    • how to structure effectively grow and scale your brand’s operations, and
    • how to create brand experiences that drive success.

You’ll learn the Brand Authority Pyramid™–a diagnosis and metrics tool which you’ll take with you through the rest of your brand’s journey, building future goals, and building your brand in the right steps to ensure you’re going the right direction.

You’ll diagnose your true barriers to success, identify proven methods to propel growth, and build scalable systems with KPI’s based on BrandScience.

How is it structured?

The Brandpreneur Program is 10-Weeks and consists of three sections:

The program consists of 10 weeks of community calls online, and an in-person workshop, meals during even hours, and all ground activities (on/off-site) are covered during the time of the event. Travel and housing are not included at this time.

  1. BrandScience Foundations

    6 Weeks of community calls and learning, helping prepare you to create your BrandPlan™.

  2. Brandpreneur Bootcamp Workshop

    A four-day, three-night workshop geared towards building your brand's future plan.

  3. Growth Strategies

    Discuss low-risk growth strategy, create planning and accountability, and discuss consumer biases and other factors affecting success.

  • Brand Science Foundations
    Weeks 1-6

    Learn the Foundations.

    For the first six (6) we’ll meet virtually in a community call, we’ll discuss traditional business concepts, then introduce the evidence-based, brand science perspective on it.

    You’ll be introduced to a workshop assignment, which we’ll START together, so we can ensure everyone understands, and then continue throughout the week.

    Additional reading will be provided (selected pages, chapters, or articles) each week that complement our learning, to ensure we’re working on ourselves, not just our business. You’ll chime in on conversations on WhatsApp with other cohorts.

    We’ll finish the week off by everyone presenting (think Show and Tell) about their business during Office Hours. There we’ll ensure you have a solid grasp of the content, self-assessment, and discuss where your business is at while you share your homework.

    6 community calls (weekly, 1-hr) • Content introduction + workshop time (in-call)
    Reading assignment (On your own) • Community Conversation (WhatsApp)
    Office Hours (1hr)

  • Brandpreneur Bootcamp
    4-Day Workshop, End Week 6

    Learn the Foundations.

    You’ll mark your calendars ahead of time and join your other cohorts in this 4-day, 3 night workshop at a boutique hotel in Nashville.

    Arrive by 4pm at the hotel in Nashville. You’ll get settled, find some swag in your room, and join us for socialization and charcuterie.
    We’ll start our evening with your fellow cohorts over mocktails and appetizers. We’ll transition into a light dinner and then dive directly into our purpose—the evidence-based path to build your brand’s future.

    For the rest of the evening we discuss our future, where it is, where we want it to go, and set intentions for the future, painting a vivid portrait of where you want it to be, suspending the “HOW,” the planning, and the need for control. Most cohorts say this is a liberating experience, being able to dream without boundaries.

    After a healthy, delicious breakfast created by our chef, we meet as a group and start working on the components of your business—taking all the foundations we learned in the first six weeks, and integrating them.
    We’ll discuss the barriers, blocks, and gaps you have and move into creating the truest motivations of success for your future. We’ll discuss mission, vision, people, and skills in our sessions and start planning in our playbook.

    You’ll learn to mentally separate truth from fact, tap your intuition, and rekindle your brand's spark—Cohorts said they felt like they were “burying their old business, their old thinking, and moving into new possibilities”, and found that was fresh and exciting.


    We meet up to start the morning with a movement activity that helps us stay nimble, refresh our intuition, and tap into our cores. We’ll take our learning from Day One and carry it into our future, discussing your core offering, who you really serve, and the experiences we create. We’ll shift from mission to crafting your core offer, redesigning your most fulfilling offerings so you can hit the ground running into profit when you return. We’ll design your ultimate customer journey/experience timeline, and start truly visualizing your brand’s new future.


    We’ll continue our daily morning ritual of breakfast, mind-and-body activities and integrate our experiences with Day 1 and 2. We’ll start crafting the world of your brand and build your platform, ensuring you’re working on the right pieces. You’ll understand how your brand platform is truly built, and how to implement it all-across your organization, from marketing to sales.

    We’ll take brand strategy and make it tangible. Your day-to-day operations will be clear; your time will be focused, and your team will have clear direction. As a result, you’ll have a clear path on what to work on, and will start imagining how you get there. You finally have all the pieces in-place and start putting together your BrandPlan. Together with the knowledge built-on from our community calls and Bootcamp sessions, you’ll craft your path for the future.

    Not only will we create a space for you to show up as your best self and get feedback from others, but we’ll also have time for each cohort to hear from the insight of others as a trusted counsel as we implement what we’ve learned.

    As a Brandpreneur, you’ll practice pitching your brand and sharing your vision for the future with your fellow cohort members, getting valuable feedback on how they showed up for themselves, their brand, and for each other. We’ll spend some time integrating and processing, and give final presentations to the group.

    We’ll spend the final moments of the morning integrating what we’ve learned, documenting our journey, and continue to look ahead. We’ll revisit our initial dreams we painted together and solidify your brand's path with accountability and implementation.

    3 Night / 4 Days workshop at a Boutique Hotel Location in Nashville • Welcome Session/ Mocktails + Charcuterie • Workshop Sessions Covering: Mission, Vision, People, Brand; Marketing, Sales, + Operations.• Additional Group Activities (off-site) • Complete with Chef/Prepared meals on-site (catered to food allergies or sensitivities). • Coffee, Tea, Snacks and Refreshments. • Brandpreneur Playbook • Sunday Breakfast • Group BrandPlan Presentations. Travel and Board not included.



  • Growth Strategies 
    Weeks 7-10

    Growth Strategies

    Once you return home, we’ll kick things off the following week discussing evidence-based, low-risk growth strategies to help get you on-track for success. We’ll also discuss psychological, consumer, and cognitive biases which may arise, so you can address them ahead of time.

    You’ll take your BrandPlan and identify a brand initiative to get started on right away. This may be creating a campaign to create more awareness, discovering you may need to introduce a light-purchase offer for random buyers, or work on building more brand assets.

    You’ll be introduced to the Brand Authority Planner™, which you’ll use to build actionable items, create and share more accountability in your future steps, and share with the group what you need to work on next. You’ll link the steps you need to take with exactly where you are in your brand’s journey for category authority and take action on what you’ve built.

    Our calls finish with learning how to plan quarterly using the Brand Authority Pyramid and integrating your BrandPlan so you can take BrandScience back home to your brand and your team. We’ll take your plan for the future and show you how to plan for accountability each quarter for your brand and the team.

    We'll discuss: Consumer Biases (biases in judgment, choice assortments, prosocial behavior, financial decision making, branding, intertemporal choice, morality and consumption, and metacognition) • Brand Authority Planner™ • Office Hours • Final Strategy Call


Frequently Asked Questions.

You've got questions? We've got answers. Be sure to scroll through the topics below covering everything from mindset, finances, time frame, structure, and goals.

Why haven’t I heard about BrandScience before?

We know what you’re thinking: “Where’s BrandScience been this whole time, and why am I just now hearing about it?” 

Academics and practitioners have been using marketing science since 1961. Today, Fortune 500 brands access marketing science from firms and institutes offering million-dollar, pay-to-play programs, which provide research and access to marketing scientists to help their brand. 

This needs to change. 

Since 2004, Stæven has committed his career to the advancement and study of branding. After working with over 150 brands in 65+ sectors, it’s clear—everyone should know about, understand, and use BrandScience™.

While other folks focus on marketing science, his passion and focus for the subset of sciences that influence branding specifically is what has made him one of the most well-respected, industry-leading thinkers today.

Who is this for?

Brandpreneur is designed for purpose driven individuals who are passionate about their work, their brand, and their future—such as CEO’s, Senior Brand Leaders (CMO, CSO’s, Sr. Marketing Leadership), Senior-Level Consultants/Coaches, and Entrepreneurs.

How many participants are there?

We limit the group size to 12-15 participants.

Who else will be in attendance?

Our program also features BrandScience-Certified Mentors. We want to provide support with trusted mentors throughout the process, so when expertise is needed outside of our scope of services (brand design, brand strategy, workshop, coaching, and Fractional CSO), you know who you can turn to who ALSO knows and understands BrandScience.

What if my competitor is in the cohort?

We believe there is abundance for everyone. If you have a concern over potential conflicts from other industry/personnel, feel free to let us know and we will accommodate you appropriately. That being said, most cohort members LOVE knowing someone else is passionate about their industry too, and wind up finding ways to collaborate.

We always give priority to the first participant who has paid for a spot, and if you feel motivated to avoid conflicts of interest with other cohort members, we will reserve you a spot on the next scheduled program. 

Who is Quantum Branding?

In a cluttered and noisy world, Quantum Branding helps brands become authentic and memorable using brand science. Stæven is the “adorkable” Founder and Chief Brand Scientist at Quantum Branding. He helps brands become authentic and memorable category leaders through the power of BrandScience™ —the core of what fuels a successful brand’s growth, sales, and marketing.

He’s helped over 150+ major brands in 65+ categories, putting over 500 skus in 10 major retailers, working on launching private label brands and strategy. He’s helped Mars Petcare save millions in packaging and redesign by educating their team on BrandScience. Launched 

His playful, light-hearted and articulate insights make it easy to understand the science of branding—the most important aspect of every brand’s existence.

He’s passionate about helping growing, purpose-driven brands get to the next level, disrupt their market, and leverage the power of BrandScience to become the industry authority they’re meant and made to be.

Clients work with Stæven in (3) three ways: Design and Strategy, Coaching and Workshops, as well joining their brand in a fractional Chief Strategy Officer role.

He loves anything orange, cats, plants, pottery, Coke Zero and white mochas; he hates mean girls (not the movie), condiments, and an empty coffee cup. He’s never met a stranger, no matter where he goes. He lives in Nashville.

How "Big" does my brand need to be to participate?

Financially, you need to be capable of investing in yourself and your brand, first and foremost.

We specialize in growth brands doing $5-25M and find that a brand with a minimum spend on marketing budget of $150K a year, or individuals making six-figures are best-suited to invest.

How do I know if I’m a good fit for this?

If you’re passionate about your brand’s future, have a growth mindset, are committed to leveling-up your A-game, and success is a priority, this may be for you. If you:

  • • Often feel lucky, passionate, and driven
  • • Love learning and growing
  • • Value community and networking
  • • Want professional expertise and want to do things right
  • • Are a senior-level professional who highly values marketing and wants it done right.
  • • Want to outperform your competition and become a leading authority in your field.
  • • Want to increase your leads, close more sales, and make marketing easier to deploy and track.
  • • Want to grow your brand based on science, not unproven theory.

—Then, this is your jam.

Who isn’t this a good fit for?

This is not a good fit if you:
• Your Brand is is not making income profitably
• Have a do-it-all-yourself mentality
• Are a lone-wolf, only work alone, or unwilling to hire experts
• Are easily made uncomfortable, don’t like growing or learning
• Tend to be complacent, willing to try the same things over and over
• Continue to listen to “marketing experts” with no scientific knowledge or basis for their claims.
• Don’t mind wasting time, money, and resources on marketing that doesn’t work.
• Willing to take the longer path to success.
• Are content doing things the wrong way and not being told.

How is this different from other programs?

While other programs follow an art or humanities-based approach built purely on unproven, speculative theory, Brandpreneur focuses on an evidence-based approach that delivers proven, fact-based strategy and structure to help you get to your brand’s successful future, faster.

Why did you create this program?

We know that you want to increase leads, make marketing easier, deploy successful campaigns, and drive conversion metrics which lead to growth.

But the traditional path to get there is not only broken, it’s also completely false.

There isn’t a magical formula or process out there to help you grow your brand successfully. While it feels like creating more leads should instantly lead to sales, in practice, it’s not that simple. 

Every brand’s business component has its own variables and every industry (and sub-niche) has its category rules..

We got tired of helping soulless, billion-dollar Fortune 500 brands grow their revenue while being disconnected from their passion and unrooted from the joy of why they exist. We no longer wanted to engage in bureaucratic meetings that suck, boring zoom calls that don’t inspire, and repeating the same process over and over each time to our clients. 

We created a program that flips everything about a typical agency discovery process on its head, restoring passion, creating mindset shifts, and channeling the curiosity and wonder that drives many of us to start our own brands and initiatives. 

Coupled with the powerful dynamics of community, Brand Science, and learning together at the same time, grouping purpose-driven leaders together through the same tailor-made curriculum seemed like a no-brainer. 

We created this program to help more people, faster, and with the right tools they didn’t know they needed.

We created this program to share with more people the power of BrandScience and how to do it for themselves. 

We created this to do the life-giving work of what we felt put on this earth to do. 

We created this program to help you create the powerful future you want to see. 

Isn’t Ten Weeks a long time?

This program is asking the right questions, addressing the right areas of your business, and identifying a sound, evidence-based view of your business—which in turn, will get you to where you want faster.

When done correctly, this process unfolds over the course of several weeks. If it is rushed, the right components may be missed or rushed, which won’t serve your business in the long run. This is why we take ten weeks to complete the program in its entirety.

Having an iron-clad BrandPlan™ in your hand and knowing what’s next for your business is the best ROI for your business possible for any marketing or growth initiative. Good things take time! And in the grand scheme of things, ten weeks will fly by, and you’ll be hitting the ground running sooner than you think.

Cohorts in the Brandpreneur Program
walk away with:

There are several components that you’ll get as a result of the Brandpreneur program.
By the end of the program, you’ll have:

Iron-Clad Brand Platform

Clearly distinguish yourself from your competitors by developing an iron-clad 

Like-Minded Community

Participated and become a valued member in a thriving community of exceptional brand leaders, having built incredible relationships personally and professionally

Proprietary Tools
  • Access to a library of proprietary tools, reading, and resources from the BrandScience Library, which you use as you build your brand
Distinctive Brand Assets

Identified your Distinctive Brand Assets and which ones to bolster/work on.

Understanding of BrandScience
  • A foundational understanding of BrandScience and the strategies, laws, biases, and factors that influence and govern it
Support and Feedback

One-on-one and community-based feedback, and during Office Hours and support calls. Additional WhatsApp community discussion throughout the week.

Brand Authority Framework
  • Learn how to grow and scale and your business' future using the Brand Authority Framework™
Major Mindset Shift
  • A renewed sense of self, direction, and future, complete with a mindset shift on how you experience you, your brand, and others around you. 
Passion + Clarity
  • A renewed passion, purpose, and clarity for yourself, your team, and your brand’s future.
Safe, Supportive Environment
  • Valuable Discussion and Feedback from your peers in a constructive, safe environment
Fortune-500 Level Services
  • Exclusive Access to future Design, Strategy, Coaching/Workshop, and Fractional CSO services from Quantum Branding.
Access to Continued Learning
  • Future Access to the Brandpreneur Events, Workshops, and Online Community.

Say "Heck yes!" to your brand?

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