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Authenticity exists everywhere, and is a vital key with brands.
Its the key to being an energized brand. That's why we're here.

We’re here to help you unlock and unleash and leverage your brand's energy to realize exceptional results. We get at the heart of your brand through a unique process of research, strategy, identity, expression, and alignment.

What emerges is the compelling, memorable, authentic story of your brand.
It’s an authentic story that drives genuine, invaluable relationships between you and your customer.

Brand Research

This is where it all begins. From the moment you contact us, we're bringing our A-game, gathering information in every sense of the term on you, your brand, your customer, your competition, your industry, the historicity of your industry's trademarks, and the list continues on and on.

Each of the components here identify where your brand is at, providing you an understanding of your landscape, and how help you address each opportunity in the most informed way.

Brand Audit

You can't plan for the future without a road map, nor knowing where you stand today.
Our Brand Audit provides a clear, honest, and thorough examinationof your brand.
We begin by getting to know you, your stakeholders, and your audience by conductinginterviews designed to gather perceptions, motivations and needs.This phase helps you determine your position in the market, as well as your strengths, weaknesses, inconsistencies and opportunities.

Brand Brief

The result of this collaborative process is the Brand Brief, a foundational document that succinctly articulates who you are and why you exist. It’s centered on the Big Idea, a densely packed yet scalpel-precise statement that encompasses everything your brand represents. These elements are finally woven into the Brand Narrative, a story rich with imagery and texture that inspires people to feel intimately connected and ultimately moved by your brand.

Brand Audit • Market Research • Insight Development

Brand Strategy

The nucleus of every energized brand is strategy. Strategy is the core that holds your brand together, connecting the Big Idea—why you exist beyond making a profit—with those who matter most to you. The essence of how your brand functions starts here in a deep dive of who you are, what you do, why it matters, before one thing ever gets designed.


Whether its an internal, external, product suites, or separate portfolios of products, we help clients navigate making sense of brand architecture for their brand, ensuring that relationships, hierarchy, endorsement, association, naming conventions, visual and verbal attributes and nomenclature reflect the core strategy behind their goals.

Brand Positioning

The next step is the Brand Positioning phase. Here, we identify what boldly differentiates your brand in the minds of your customers. Our proprietary positioning workshops identify multiple dimensions of brand personality, unlocking and potentiating brand meaning.

They include hands-on, collaborative exercises that define your core attributes. What makes Quantum Branding unique is that we draw on proven scientific branding principles from the fields of behavioral psychology, sociology and mythology to illuminate a unified brand portrait.

Brand Brief • Customer Interviews • Brand Positioning • Purpose & Values
Audience Personas • Naming • Taglines

Brand Identity

Brands Identities help consumers choose from a bewildering array of choices by communicating intrinsic qualities of the branding, reassuring that they have made the right choice. We create brand identities with Distinct Brand Assets (DBA)—distinct imagery, language, and associations—to encourage customers to identify with the brand, create prevalence and foster distinctiveness.

Discovering Your Brand Mass

Only when you know fully understand a brand, can you effectively communicate visually and verbally. Therefore, an authentic and memorable brand identity is research-driven and strategy-based.

The findings of the Brand Audit readout and the core traits in your Brand Brief—archetype, personality, positioning, and distinctiveness—are leveraged together visually to create your brand's aesthetic core. We develop your brand's DBA—Distinct Brand Assets—into a visual system, called your Brand Identity.

Shaping Your Elements

Your brand identity is a distinct, unified visual and verbal language that boldly represents your brand across all the brand experience touchpoints. It encompasses distinct colors, typefaces, marks and language that evokes your brand's unique ethos and the most authentic expression possible, fostering recognition and engagement. It elicits emotions, identifies category, and creates preference within your customers, resonating in a deep and personal way with your audience on a deep and personal level.

Brandmark • Color Palettes • Typography • Iconography • Identity Suites

Brand Experience Touchpoints

Brand touchpoints are the strategic cultivation of strategy and the application of brand identity across all of the possible mediums that encompass all the user experiences possible inside and outside of an organization. These experiences work together in harmony to engage, reinforce, and propel the brand 24-7.


The verbal component of a brand is the critical funnel that all messaging must go through. Words are now alive. Content now has strategy, and copy now was purpose—to precisely communicate your distinctiveness, what makes you unique, authentic, and memorable.

Your brand now has a living, breathing persona that engages. We're meticulous when it comes to messaging and language, ensuring that tone, style, and verbiage is concisely focused and powerfully represents your brand and is saying the right thing at all times.


Successful brands are able to translate their brand consistently and flexibly. This provides the ability to communicate your brand's core precisely and effectively regardless of medium. As a result, experiences are designed that seamlessly integrate your visual and verbal language of your brand identity into a strategically designed experiences that engage.

  • Packaging • Web • Mobile • Print • Retail • Environment + Retail • Wayfinding
  • Signage • Vehicle / Fleet • Ephemera

Brand Alignment

The process continues with managing brand identity assets after any launch. It requires enlightened leadership and a long-term commitment to doing everything possible to build the brand. Implementation, management and direction of a brand is an everyday responsibility within every level of an organization, from the top down.


Launching a new brand identity is incredibly exciting. You and your team are able to finally reveal a compelling expression of your brand that fully embodies the most authentic components of who you are to the world.

But this exciting chapter is just the beginning of a long journey. Without continuing efforts and commitment of leadership and everyone within your brand to consistently and continuously share rich, dynamic and congruous content across all touchpoints, all the work you've done is in vain.  

Design Quickly

Quantum Branding ongoing alignment services for implementation and management of your brand ensure you get the most out of your investment into your brand throughout. We understand your brand better than anyone else, and there's no one else more qualified nor capable to help guide you in management of you assets and development of your communications.

We help you create tangible metrics to help ensure your brand is staying in its intended direction, with quarterly, annual reviews, as well as weekly calls with key personnel.

Brand Rollout • Brand Guidelines • Organization Ideation • Brand Management Metrics 
Brand Leadership Intensive • Brand Trainings • On-Going Consultancy

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