Quantum Branding Brand Strategy and Vision

Brands that grow start with research.

Iron-clad brands start with an iron-clad foundation.
Our science-based research uses trademark data,
marketing science and real evidence to inform you how.

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Brand Research did right.

Our brand research is one of the things that make us distinct. It's unlike any other on the planet.

Our research is not only built on evidence-based data about issues that matter to you, such as brand perception, your target audiences, real market research, but also areas other agencies don't even cover. Areas like trademark metrics, industry standards, and most importantly the laws of marketing and brand science.

When you hire us, we get you actual brand research that will build and propel your brand, your products, and your services forward. Trademark research that shows you what IP is off-limits; Distinctive Brand Asset Analysis on how your DBA's stack up against your competitors; Laws of Growth analysis for easy, low-risk paths to growth, and other valuable metrics.

With each of our services, we'll be able to help you discover how to build the best brand strategy and brand awareness for you moving forward.


Actionable Results.

We compile your results into an intuitive, easy-to-follow document, which we walk together through, piece-by-piece. There won't be any confusion on what we've found, just a clear picture of the directions you can go next.

USPTO + Trademark Analysis
  • We'll analyze your category so you can see what's currently in play, and what's out-of-bounds for you.
Distinctive Brand Assets Analysis

Get a scientific analysis of your brand identity (DBA's) and see where you should invest or make changes.

Laws of Growth Analysis

We'll identify barriers and gaps in the market, showing you quick, low-risk, paths to sales growth.

  • Identifying & Prioritizing Category Entry Points

We'll identify the top entry points for your brand and exposure in your category.

Strategy Palette Analysis

Get informed on what the strategy behind your business should be, and how to make it happen.

Market Research

Get an objective, clear view of your market, industry sector, and the opportunities available.

Success starts with insight.

The right insights start with science. Let's help you start right.