Brand Life Stages

Sustaining the everyday life of a brand is hard work. Creating meaning in the lives those it encounters requires incredible discipline and focus, ensuring you understand the challenges of each distinct brand stage.


We help you incubate and nurture your idea into a developed, branded concept. We help ensure that poor concept idea doesn't kill your brand before its born, helping envision how its introduced to investors and future customers.


Quantum helps bring your budding, nascent brand to life. We help you choose the perfect, trademarkable name, create a trademarkable brandmark, and then help your brand learn how to walk, talk, and interact with the world around you.


During this awkward time, your brand is going to be increasingly competitive, want to be more attractive to your customers, and investors, and wrestle with its most authentic self. We'll ensure your messaging stays on key and you grow in the right ways.


Sometimes mature brands shift, either going a new direction, merge with another brand, or even are bought out/acquired. Regardless of the direction, the transition must always be handled strategically from the top down, both internally and externally.


Rebooting, rebooting, and verhauling your brand are ways most mid-life brands attempt to stay relevant and on top. Refreshing and revising your look is ok, as long as you don't go overboard.


A prime brand adapts quickly and strategically to market conditions and works on maintaining their position and posture.We help expand your brand and its strategy through innovation, product development, white spacing, and consultancy.


You are now at the top of the brand authority spectrum within your industry. You lead with dominant market and brand equity and have become synonymous with the category/product itself. The future of your brand depends on your ability to consistently embrace, discard, or reinvent. 


Sales are starting to fall. New uses, new markets, or repositioning are often used to extend the product. Ultimately, a brand may need to be sold or gradually discontinued if it is no longer profitable. Innovation is the only key to a revival at this point.

Is your brand living its best self?

Do you want to have a brand that lasts? Quantum Branding helps brands grow authentically and genuinely attract connected customers. We develop strategies and design experiences to take brands to the next level.

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