What Metrics does your agency use?


Growth and results you can actually measure.

We use powerful brand science others don't.


Successful brands use metrics, insights, and science. We call these process Brandometry™, the art, science, and metrics of successful branding.™

By using brand science, we ensure your brand strategy, design innovation, and growth are rooted in research, positioned for success, and leveraged for the future. Here's a glimpse at some of the metrics that ensure your brand will grow, sell, and capture the right attention.


The Essential Metrics of Brandometry™

From $33k to $33B (yes, we've worked with those), these are the foundational elements are the core of evaluating every brand we work with. They establish the starting point, provide direction, and equalize the playing field for true growth. 



How our minds process shape, color, content is one of the core principles. It's how information enters our brain, through our eyes, before it's even decoded. It's how we ensure your brand connects immediately.


These key components of how we see things together in relation to their space are how we associate, interpret, and communicate meaning. It's how we ensure you're creating the right meaning.


How we organize, separate, combine and compartmentalize our those learnings in our minds. It's how we ensure you're deeply embedded in the consumer's mental availability and association.


A consistent model of customer relationship and identification in which the objective and subjective facets of your brand are grounded, informing your visual and verbal tone. It's how we ensure you relate and speak authentically.


A combination of primary, secondary, formative, and summative research, including competitor analysis, ethnographic and marketing research, user testing, and visualization. It's how we ensure your brand is functioning optimally in the right environment.


Our study of brands includes the study of experiences. We use phenomenology as a reference to understand brand experiences in relation to perception, imagination, thought, emotion, desire, volition, and action, to name a few. It's how we ensure experiences are powerful.


We profile all the iconography and indexes utilized in your industry to identify the contextual references utilized in your industry, the common design languages, references, and indexes–icons of the thing it directly represents–your industry uses.


By studying, understanding, andapplying the roots of consumer behavior, we understand the biases that affect how and when people buy. Applying these allows for power of situations and the contexts of how and what we communicate.


Evidence-based economic and proven scientific laws about buying and marketing performance backed by decades of research. It's how we ensure you have a plan to grow that works.


This foundational element references the vast historicity of registered trademark data files with the USPTO. We use this trademark data to inform and ensure every brand starts an accurate landscape of their industry. Its how we ensure you hit a home run, never a foul ball.


We're the first to admit that we don't know everything. So, there's always room for more insights, information, and applied sciences to be added to the metrics we use.