Unlike any agency you've ever met or heard of. Guaranteed.

No pretentious walnut conference table.
In fact, there's no conference table at all.

Hear why—and what that difference means for you.

Since 2004, Quantum Branding has been founded on the ideas and values countercultural to the typical agency. In fact, out of our experiences at previous agencies—everything from our structure, environment, and culture to how we do business, talk to clients, and even see ourselves—is radically different.

There's no corporate BS, cubicles, obnoxious agency overhead, red tape, or a fancy walnut conference table to get in the way. Instead, there's a vibrant, fluid agency model that allows us to do our best work, work with the best clients, and make the most impact.

is to create energized brands.

is to empower people with purpose and create powerful products.

to share who you are, what you do, and why you matter.


Our Values


These words actually mean something to us. They inspire, inform, and guide
the heartbeat of who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

They're sacrosanct, immovable, and vibrant components
both professionally and personally.



Everyone has truth they must walk in. We're not talking religion or faith systems. We believe in walking in the truth of who you are and what is true. Being who you are, how you're wired and being present—with what you have, who's with you, and where you're at. Sometimes that means saying no to opportunities, clients, or projects.


While we are each our greatest resource to one another, our thinking is our most critical asset. How we think is the most vital component to our work in the branding industry and in our client's work. Thinking is the one thing that we offer that we can ensure brings the highest level of professionalism, thought-leadership, and innovation to every project we work on.


Without vision, people perish. We don't think that it is a literal death either, but rather an internal one. We refuse to live passively and go with the flow, but rather seek our direction, explore, discover, be curious and move forward towards something of value. Vision is seeing what others do not and going there.


Notice we didn't say perfection, you won't find that anywhere. We believe in doing incredible work to the best of our abilities, working with the best clients and brands possible. Excellence guides the level of A-Game we bring in everything from our conversations and relationships to our work life. This applies to our thinking, our health, and our creativity.


The human element is one of the most important to us. The level of respect, camaraderie, and compassion that we have for other humans is central to why we do business—to help others share who they are, what they do, and why they do it. It's the same heart that drives us to rescue cats from dumpsters, transport dogs to new homes across the state, and out friends experiencing homelessness.


Orange is our company color for a few reasons. In addition to it being Stæven's favorite—even as a baby only eating orange food—orange is the color of change, power, and creativity, one of our most sacred values.

We believe that creativity isn't just art or design, but innovation, problem-solving, and perspective. It can be crunching numbers to changing a recipe, but it's driven by curiosity, wonder, discovery, and sharing.


We all want courage—one of the attributes of our character the makes us compelling as leaders. Our courage is more than doing the right thing, that it is feeling fear yet choosing to act; following your heart; persevering int he face of adversity; standing up for what is right; abandoning what is familiar and expanding your horizons; and facing suffering with dignity and faith.


There's no such thing as "done growing" in our books. Our learning, interpersonal relationships, and professional journeys are marked with strategic stops for continued education, sabbaticals for inspiration and retreat, and explorations of curiosity and discovery.

This ensures our thinking, actions, and well-being are the highest level we have to offer ourselves first, and then others next.

People First.

One of the biggest things we've taken away from our previous jobs was the distaste of becoming burnt out, overworked, and feeling under appreciated. It felt like clients' work came first and their money did all the talking. Stæven vowed to ensure we take care of our own first.

We work the hours we need to get things done, no one pulls all-nighters, and our people come first. Little league games, sick days, school plays, and vacations come first. Why? Because without our people, there's no reason to work, no one to work with nor lead our clients.

Technology with Purpose.

Technology is a tool we use to make our agency work. We invest in the hardware and software necessary to facilitate the world's best branding agency possible. Ironically, having a technology with purpose as the main value also means sometimes removing technology.

Where and when possible, we remove technology from ourselves and only use it when it's necessary to accomplish its goal and facilitates work.

Always Moving.

To stay fresh, we stay moving. We may stop and rest, but are always moving forward. To do so, we practice continual learning drawn by wonder, teaching through passion, exploring and honing our craft, expanding our minds, and resting our hearts.

Our Biggest Idea

We believe that people are the most important, ideas are the most powerful, and that brands connect the two.

Everything else is just decorum.

Stæven Frey

Principal, Brand Design + Strategy

Our lovable founder, principal, and senior brand strategist. He guides the everyday conversations, strategy, and thinking, grounding the company with passion, purpose, and values. He loves typography, productivity apps, shortcut keys, oranges, scooters, white mochas, coke zeros + cats. He hates condiments and mean girls.


Frequently Asked Questions

When were you founded?

Our flagship agency opened its doors in 2009, but many of us come from a variety of backgrounds, agency experiences, and corporate brands. Quantum started in 2004.

Who do your work with?

We're passionate about petcare, cpg, and consumer  brands. We've worked with over 150 name brands, 30+ industry sectors, and honestly too many to count. While our experiences are diverse, the process for brand excellence is the same. 

Most importantly, if you're a passionate-driven brand leader, and value getting results, we'd love to talk to you. 

Dude, where's your employees / staff?

No, they're not hiding or nor not allowed to have profiles on here. The truth is, our agency is a lean agency, working with people first. We're an Avengers-model of superheroes.

Many of our people are other agency/other senior-level partners who, by sharing their names draws more attention to them than they'd prefer, from their current responsibilities. Each project may require a different team, and we pride ourselves on ensuring the right tools and people. We simply couldn't include everyone on our site. 

We have web development, researchers, strategists, and designers who are always on board, just not always on every project. This way, you're only introduced to the people that correlate to your project.

Where's your office?

Great question. We don't have one. Since we invest in our people first and technology second, we're a virtual, results-oriented work environment. This allows us to remove the red tape and additional costs out of your projects, ensuring you get our best work.

What does working with you look like?

We walk with all of our clients through a process, most agencies call "a discovery process."

However, ours is unlike anything you've ever seen or heard. We utilize BrandScience to help ensure you've got a plan addresses your truest needs, creating a plan for the future. 

From here, clients can implement the plan on their own, or continue with design, strategy, workshop, or retainer-based services We're happy to be involved either way.

Why do you love orange so much?

Scientifically, orange is the best color in the world* Oh, and the guy who started our agency loves it. He used to eat so much orange food as a baby, he turned orange. His car, his KitchenAid mixer, two of his kitties, and quite a lot of things in his home are orange.—but he nice tone of orange though, the harvest orange. (*This fact has may or may not have been made up)

Nashville's #1 Branding Agency.

We're flattered. And it's not boasting if it's true. Nashville was recently named first in the list of top Branding agencies in Nashville. We're also the only branding agency in Nashville that does 100% branding services.