Award-winning speaker, designer, brand strategist, and brand scientist Staeven Frey delivers a talk on the three things brand science can do for your brand to an audience in a workshop

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Less than < 1% of marketers can explain
the exact science of what they do, why,
or how it all works.

I'm on a mission to change exactly that.

Award-winning speaker, designer, brand strategist, and brand scientist Staeven Frey delivers a talk on the three things brand science can do for your brand to an audience in a workshop
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You’ve been put on this earth to do something magical, purposeful, and incredible. That shouldn't be so hard.

And the brand you’re building is part of that reality.
Stop wasting time, and do it the right way—the one informed by BrandScience™.


As a leading expert on BrandScience,
I want to help you propel your brand to the next level—reimagining your future and creating impact that you were put on this earth to do.

When it comes down to growing your brand, the company that's using the Fortune 500 secret of BrandScience to grow their brand is going to win.

But, the problem is, less than 1% of marketers can explain the science of how marketing works, what it is, and how to use it effectively.

Senior Brand Leadership is doing their best to make a name for their brand. Marketing is trying to their best to deploy effective marketing. Sales is trying to crush it, wishing they could get the support they need from Marketing. Operations is stuck in the middle, trying to keep up. But the lack of sound, unifying brand strategy everyone knows and can rely on is keeping you from really making the impact you want. And the practices you're using aren't based on proven techniques, just the latest peddled theories.

This isn't just affecting the marketing team either. It's costing everyone from the top down a lot of money, energy, and resources trying to get somewhere the hard, unproven way.

I'm on a mission to tell senior brand leaders about BrandScience.

Like you, I believe that finding an engaging marketing expert who is qualified to help shouldn't be so hard. It also shouldn't be hard to find someone who genuinely cares about your brand's success. It also shouldn't be so hard to figure out who is full of @$#% and who isn't.

The good news is that over my career, I've worked with over 150+ brands, in 65+ different categories. Whether you hear me on-stage, in a workshop, on a podcast or read one of my articles, or simply in meeting me—that I'm passionately qualified to talk about branding, and more educated than the average bear—er, marketer. 

I want you to know that the same BrandScience being used and deployed by Fortune500 brands is accessible to you TOO, without the million-dollar pay-to-play programs from institutions abroad. My vision is that every brand, startup, business accelerator, incubator, chamber or commerce, business program, MBA and anyone with a dream knows about the basics of BrandScience.

With the heart of a design teacher, fueled by curiosity, and driven to keep exploring, I use every room as the classroom. I've helped large and small brands and their leadership tackle the exact types of problems you're facing right now.

It’s time to change how we do marketing from unproven theories to evidence-based science.

So if:

• You're ready to create authentic and memorable experiences for your customers

• You want to build an industry-leading culture and team

• You want to build a clear vision for your future that everyone in the company can rally around

• And you're craving and inspirational and practical talk given by an expert speaking with personality and excellent communication who delivers and outstanding experience for your audience, sharing practical insights that will have a major impact long after your event is over…

Get it touch with me by clicking here or the button below.
Together, let’s make your brand the industry leader it's meant to be.

I can’t wait.

Stæven Frey, MFA
Founder, Chief Brand Scientist

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Whether you work in C-Suite or Adobe Creative Suite, these talks will empower and illuminate the WHY, and inform the HOW of your brand's thinking and marketing.

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Unlock the Power of Brand Science in Your Brand

Discover the Foundational Elements of Brand Science and immediately get to work to stay top-of-mind.

Best for: Marketing Team, C-Suite Leadership, Entrepreneurs

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Brand Science Laws of Growth

Discover the 7 laws of Growth you need to know to unlock and unleash your brand's most effective strategy from the top down.


Best for: Marketing Team, C-Suite Leadership, Entrepreneurs

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Your Brand is More than a Logo

Discover the power of your Distinctive Brand Assets, learning to assess and build a more effective portfolio of brand assets for a stronger future.

Best for: Creatives/ Marketing Team, C-Suite Leadership, Entrepreneurs


—Or read more about the award-winning talks that can inspire and connect your team to faster growth, inspired thinking, brand leadership.

Unlock the Power of BrandScience™ in Your Brand Right Now.

What if sharing what do you on this planet was easier? What if you could get back to the passion of what you did and knew the very next step in your brand's journey? It feels like a sense of confidence and also slightly scary at the same time. To have a plan that is fully yours?

What if you could make it easier for everyone to do their job? What if it was easier to buy from you? What if marketing knew the right campaigns to build months ahead of time and watch the right metrics? What if sales had the right strategy? It would be life-changing, empowering, magical. Yet most everyone is struggling in their role, trying to keep things afloat. Why? Two reasons. they don't know where the brand is going and should, or leadership doesn't know either.

In this keynote, Stæven gives you the tools you need to start looking at the 3 low risk tools to help grow your brand immediately. He'll help define your audience more clearly, help you understand distinction vs differentiation, and help you navigate your brand's assets more strategically.

He'll share practical insights and illustrations that help you get on the path to easier marketing, easier sales and faster brand growth. When we're done, you'll have:

• Be smarter than 1% of marketer with a foundational view of BrandScience and how marketing/branding really works.
• Understand more clearly how to focus your sales strategies to increase sales.
• Have clarity behind the "why" of your marketing" and why it matters.
• Have a clear vision on what's next to invest in your brand and its future.

Are you ready to get a dollop of science?


"As a neuromarketer, I know when someone is blowing smoke and I know when they've really done their work. Staeven is the real deal. His knowledge on brand science exceeds that of any branding professional I've ever met, and he delivers his knowledge in a down-to-earth, humble way—which makes it easy to learn and implement his recommendations. I continue to work with him and follow his insights and research to this day."

Dan Russell, Founder, Vivid Labs

The 7 BrandScience™ Laws of Growth

Why does it seem like every year there's a new thing, a new marketing trend, or new theory on what you "should" be doing? Is marketing really evolving? Is the world we live in changing and growing so fast that marketing can't catch up?

Just the opposite. Why is that?

In this keynote, Stæven dives into what we really need to know to get serious about our brand if we're going to become the leaders in our category we're meant to be using the 7 Laws of Growth, and how to apply them immediately.

He'll share break down the KPI's and areas you need to be looking at that to get everyone in the leadership team on the right track with planning and priorities.When we're done, you'll have:

• Know a diversified sales strategy you can use to outperform your competition
• How to make your marketing team's job easier and have them thank you for it.
• Have a vision that everyone on your team can get behind. 
• Prioritize your own brand's activities needed for growth.

Are you ready to get green and growing? 


  • "Stæven is a dynamo on stage. With his deep knowledge of branding and the science behind it, he will have your audience thinking way outside the box—wait, but is there a box?—on how they can be on brand in their businesses and in their marketing without question. Stæven is high-energy and has high-expertise, yet a grounded, down-to-earth approach to sharing content in a way that meets people where they are. Highly recommend hiring him for your next keynote or workshop.”
Melanie Spring, Confidancia

Your Brand is More than Your Logo.

Where do you want your brand to be? What if the number one thing holding you back is something you don't even know about? Wouldn't it be empowering to know how every sales, marketing, leadership, and operations team could crush their goals more easily?

The answer is right in front of your eyes.

In this keynote, Stæven takes you on a roadtrip through the Distinctive Brand Assets Gem. Since branding is the gem that powers your marketing, you need to empower YOUR GEM—needed to fuel successful growth, sales, and marketing. 

He'll empower you to identify, asses, and understand the most powerful and valuable assets your brand has, and how to nurture them  When we're done, you'll have:

 • An understanding of what makes a brand asset valuable or not. 
• Be smarter than 1% of marketer with a foundational view of BrandScience and how marketing/branding really works.
• Have clarity on which brand assets you need to work on and which ones you need to invest in.
• A proven process for building more assets and top-of-mindness in your category.

Are you ready to talk fonts, colors, and all the fun stuff? 


Award-winning speaker, designer, brand strategist, and brand scientist Staeven Frey delivers a talk on the three things brand science can do for your brand to an audience in a workshop

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