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NASHVILLE – January 14, 2019 –
 If you're into podcast, you don't want to miss hearing Quantum Branding Founder, Senior Brand Strategist, and designer Stæven Frey, MFA on uGuru'sDigital Agency Show with Brent Weaver, Episode 95, appropriately entitled "Branding is More Than a Logo." If you're not very familiar with branding, this podcast may in-fact be a great place to start.

The podcast comes immediately after the launch of our new Agency Partner Program and white label branding services, discussing the reasons why digital agencies need an agency-level branding partner to handle their branding. 

We all know that good branding is the lynchpin to success. But as a web agency, how do you ensure your client's success when they have an ugly brandmark, or worse yet, no branding at all? Enter Quantum Branding's white label branding services.

The Digital Agency show podcast helps digital agency owners transform their business mindset so they can increase prices, work less, and grow profits. It's only appropriate that Stæven be on the podcast sharing how agency owners can increase the quality of their project, increase their profits, and solidify their authority in their niche through utilizing white label branding services themselves.

Stæven with listeners his top book recommendation, a key to his persona/ professional success, and offers some resources to agencies owners via email.

Some top quotes include:

  • Hopefully this is a destination wedding and everyone is dressed up like superheroes.”
  • “We were branding on the fly with our clients.”
  • “Those are dull knife exercises.”
  • “The conversation changed from pain points to dreaming of new possibilities.”
  • “How do I educate the client with being a brand expert?”
  • “What if you could be more than ok with that?”
  • “I want web agencies to be their clients’ real friend.”
  • “Good design is invisible.

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The episode runs 42 minutes.