Pure Talalay Bliss

A world-class brand identity for a world-class bed.



Pure Talalay Bliss is a luxury mattress company that believes that a good nights sleep, and, to an even stronger extent, a life of good sleep leads to the best life, is the principle around which their brand should pivot.

As a newly created brand in 2009 with a struggling sense of identity, low physical and mental availability, and lack of presence in the marketplace, our challenge was to rename, relaunch, and invigorate a very drab industry and product with a sense of purpose, identity, and experience that was more authentic, memorable, and desirable through a new brand, from top to bottom. One that helps them express themselves in the right way, to the right people.



We had to strip through the anticipated motivations of shoppers and get to insights that led to address new discoveries. We found that for the first time, consumers expected higher retail costs, lower replacement time periods, a higher use of technology to back results, and the source / process of materials.

With a brand belief that "of all the things in life that should be luxurious, sleep should be of all things the first," we realized we could align the Pure Talalay Bliss brand with a specific woman—one that wants to get up out of bed and take charge of her career, her life, and demand a high level of excellence from herself and everything else, including her mattress.

By telling brand and product stories centered around the experiences that you have as a result of living life excellently, we could establish a point-of-view that was distinct and connects with a higher market of mattress shoppers and like-minded individuals.



We worked alongside the Global Marketing Office at Talalay Global team at Pure Talalay Bliss to establish a strategy aligned with the brand’s ambition and their audience’s desires. From a new name, new identity and messaging, to a retail experience at market and all the products within it, we brought their personality forward to establish an experience that expresses their brand point-of-view, "You've arrived. Now, there's a bed finally like you."

In doing so, we created a brand ecosystem where customers can connect with a mattress that's more concerned about the life they want to live—a mattress that support their lifestyle and add something to their lives.




Pure Talalay Bliss


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Brand Identity
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A Huge Market Launch

Pure Talalay Bliss relaunched at the Las Vegas Market with industry-renowned attendance, increased visitor-ship (that's a word) of over 40% increase of new and potential accounts, including industry and media personnel.

An Equipped Team

The marketing and sales team at PTB now had a new brand that was easier to sell and easier to buy. Communications were consistent, flexible, and beautiful, sharing the brand in redesigned touchpoints across all their media. 

Sales. Sales. Sales. 

PTB experienced more sales commitments in their time at market than in their whole first year of sales alone, exceeding over $80M in commitments, as a direct results of a new luxury brand that retailers confidently knew they could sell to their ideal customer.

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